Marcin Rolak
    포이즌 애플

    Marcin Rolak

    secretary of the Jury


    Opera singer, vocalist, vocal couch, cultural event manager. Graduate of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław (2015) jw 플레이어 다운로드. Since graduation he has been actively teaching vocal classes as well for professionals as for amateurs. Since 2021 he has been running his own Vocal Studio Download the ticket of yongho. In addition to artistic activity, he is involved in a family business, thanks to which he uses his experience in organizing cultural events. Since 2016 he has been organizing Vocal Workshops in Bukowiec 공인중개사 다운로드. He has been associated with the Antonina Campi International Vocal since the beginning as co-organizer and Secretary of the Jury.

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