Eurex Liquidity Provider Agreement: What Traders Need to Know

For traders and investors, liquidity is key. It is the measure of how easily an asset can be bought or sold in the market without affecting its price. A highly liquid market ensures that traders can enter and exit their positions quickly and at fair prices. This is where liquidity providers come in. They are financial institutions that offer to buy or sell an asset at a quoted price, providing liquidity to the market.

Eurex, one of the world`s largest derivatives exchanges, offers a liquidity provider program to ensure a highly liquid market for its participants. This program is governed by the Eurex Liquidity Provider Agreement (ELPA).

What is the Eurex Liquidity Provider Agreement (ELPA)?

The ELPA is a contract between Eurex and the liquidity providers. It outlines the terms and conditions of the liquidity provider program and the obligations of the parties involved. The program is open to registered trading members of Eurex and non-trading members, subject to Eurex`s approval.

What are the benefits of becoming a liquidity provider on Eurex?

Becoming a liquidity provider on Eurex has several benefits, including:

1. Revenue generation – Liquidity providers earn a fee for providing liquidity to the market. This fee is based on the volume of trades they execute and the level of liquidity they provide.

2. Reduced trading costs – By providing liquidity, traders and investors can enter and exit their positions at fair prices. This reduces their trading costs and increases their returns.

3. Enhanced market access – Liquidity providers have access to Eurex`s trading platform, which offers a wide range of derivatives products, including futures and options.

What are the obligations of the liquidity providers under the ELPA?

The liquidity providers on Eurex have several obligations, including:

1. Providing continuous liquidity – Liquidity providers are required to offer buy and sell quotes continuously during the trading hours of the relevant products.

2. Meeting minimum volume requirements – Liquidity providers must meet the minimum volume requirements set by Eurex for the products they are providing liquidity for.

3. Maintaining high-quality quotes – Liquidity providers must provide quotes that are of high quality and based on fair market prices.

4. Complying with market regulations – Liquidity providers must comply with the regulations set by the relevant market regulators.

What are the eligibility criteria for becoming a liquidity provider on Eurex?

To become a liquidity provider on Eurex, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. Be a registered trading member of Eurex or a non-trading member subject to approval by Eurex.

2. Have sufficient financial resources.

3. Possess the necessary technical infrastructure to provide liquidity to the market.

4. Have a good track record of trading.


In conclusion, becoming a liquidity provider on Eurex can be a profitable venture for traders and investors. By providing liquidity to the market, they can earn revenue while reducing trading costs for other market participants. However, becoming a liquidity provider involves meeting certain obligations and eligibility criteria, as outlined in the Eurex Liquidity Provider Agreement. It is important to fully understand these requirements before applying to become a liquidity provider on Eurex.

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